Roll, shape and texture raw materials into your one-of-a-kind piece. Fire it in our jewelry kiln, and wear your silver creation home.  

Our raw material is Silver Clay, which is finely ground silver put in a binder to make it malleable and workable. We teach you to roll, texture and shape the Silver Clay, much like in our pottery class, then you create earrings and pendants.  We fire the jewelry to 1650 degrees in the kiln, which causes the binder to burn to the surface as a white ash. You scrub the white ash away, leaving your 99.9 percent silver piece that you can wear home. Please click on bolded dates on Jewelry Calendar for information about this month's classes.


$45 plus cost of silver clay. (Varies with the market price of silver.)                                                                       Silver-Charm parties for children  $22. per child

Please click on bolded dated on the Pottery Calendar for more information about these fun classes!!

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