Our experienced potter will teach the basics in both wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery.  Our wheel-thrown class can get messy!! Wear old clothes and tennis shoes and bring a towel. You'll LOVE this class and you'll make several items, including a hand-built piece. The hand-built class is awesome as well. Learn to wedge, shape, texture and build the clay into dishware.  Pottery classes are popular as bridal parties, or date night. Each class is a stand-alone class. Your pieces will be kiln-fired, glazed, kiln-fired again, then returned to you. What will you make? 

                                                                        Sushi plates . Dipping bowls .  Mugs . Cracker Tray . Place Setting . Wine Goblet . Serving Platter


                                                                               Wheel-Thrown lesson is $65                                                                                            Hand-Built is $45.


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